Ugly animal vote

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The National Science + Engineering Competition are searching for a new mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to give a voice to the aesthetically challenged creatures across the animal kingdom.

Scientists and comedians have made campaign films for their favourite ugly animal and the mascot vote runs from 27th August to 5pm, 11th September 2013. You can watch the films below (or at and vote for your favourite!

In addition, we have been working with Simon Watt (President for life, UAPS and presenter, Channel 4’s Inside Nature’s Giants) to create a range of exciting educational materials on ugly animals including worksheets and videos.

Help us make the animal kingdom a fairer and uglier place!



Supported by Helen Arney



Supported by Paul Foot


British bats

Supported by Simon Watt

Dromedary jumping slug

Supported by Tom Toal

European common eel

Supported by Rob Wells


Flightless dung beetle

Supported by Sarah Bennetto

Greater short-horned lizard

Supported by John Hastings



Supported by Steve Mould


Pig-nosed turtle

Supported by Greg Foot


Proboscis monkey

Supported by Ellie Taylor




Titicaca scrotum frog

Supported by Iszi Lawrence