Meet the winners 2014

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After two days of judging for the Finalists, we can now reveal that the winners of the National Science + Engineering Competition 2014

UK Young Engineer of the Year 2014

The UK Young Engineer of the Year, Rebecca Simpson, wowed the judges with her retro arcade game aimed to help young people to revise STEM subjects.

But Rebecca has big plans for her project, she explained.

“I’d like to expand it – make it a multiple school thing. I’d like to embed the open source flash games on a website, so schools can build their own arcade machine,” she said.

Rebecca built the six foot tall arcade machine from scratch and wowed the judges, in particular The Gadget Show presenter, Jason Bradbury.

“The notion of putting an arcade machine into schools, that they’ve built themselves – that is in every sense open source, but with gaming content based purely around STEM subjects – is just brilliant.

“I also, I like her. And I think you can’t deny that the person at the centre of this really important award has to be someone you can relate to, someone that is charming and interesting and passionate, and of course knowledgeable, and she ticked all of those boxes” he said.

UK Young Scientists of the Year 2014

Twin sisters, Ameeta and Aneeta Kumar, are the UK Young Scientists of the Year 2014 after astounding the judges with their project on developing an early diagnostic tool for cancer.

The twins were incredibly excited to have been part of the Competition. But for them the next big challenge is university.

“We’re studying medicine, so I think we’ll have a huge workload as it is, but we’d love to think about continuing our project or trying something new,” Ameeta explained.

Sir Tim Hunt, who was on the judging panel that chose Ameeta and Aneeta’s project, was hugely impressed by the work the two young scientists had achieved.

“They’ve done an amazing job. I mean, I couldn’t grow a cell to save my life,” the Nobel prize winner said.