Entry is open for the Online Heats of the 2015/16 Competition. The submission deadline is 31st October 2015.

Young people (11-18 year olds) are invited to enter their project online by submitting either:
  • A written submission (4 pages) or;
  • A short film (3-5 minutes)

A guide to entering

For more information, tips and a guide to entering please download our Competition Guide. We recommend all competitors and supporting teachers/parents/guardians read this before entering. 

Please check the entry checklist (below) before submitting your entry.Entry Form.jpg

Entry checklist


Before you enter, we suggest you have a quick look at our ‘entry checklist’.

1. Are you 11-18 and in full-time secondary education in the UK?

2. Is your project eligible?

- To see what types of projects we accept, please see our Judging criteria.

- View our Rules and eligibility criteria.

3. Will your project be ready by the Fair?

4. Do you understand what is involved?

5. Projects that get selected to attend the National Finals will have to travel to The Big Bang Fair (March 2016) and showcase their work on the Wednesday and Thursday. Will you be able to travel to the Finals?

- Projects can secure local sponsorship or grants to cover their travel, accommodation and sustenance costs.

- Bursaries for travel, accommodation and sustenance costs are available for projects that cannot raise funds to attend.

6. Have you checked with your school that you can enter?

7. Have you checked with your parents that you can enter?

8. Have you checked Intellectual Property laws?

- If your project creates a new product or process you may be eligible to be protected by Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property (IP), such as patents, trade marks, design and copyright, allows creators to protect their ideas and gain value from them.