The National Science + Engineering Competition celebrates amazing young scientists and engineers and their outstanding projects each year. Meet them here.

Our previous competitors, finalists and winners are an amazing group. To view all previous Winners and finalists from 2008 to the present day, please see the menu on the left hand side.

Learn more about some of our winners and the projects they presented in the National Science + Engineering Competition below.

Colum McNally

UK Young Engineer of the Year 2015

Judges were really impressed with his agrihammer- a machine which allows fence posts to be drilled into the ground and also allows wood to be chopped in a very safe manner, making farm life considerably easier, saving farmer’s lives and saving money.


Sarah Sobka

UK Young Scientist of the Year 2015

Sara wowed the judges with her project investigating how Lubiprostone, a drug used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, affects patients with cystic fibrosis.  


Rebecca Simpson

UK Young Engineer of the Year 2014

The judges were wowed by Rebecca's arcade game that encourages young people to revise science, technology, engineering and maths. Judge, Jason Bradbury (presenter, The Gadget Show) described her as "charming, interesting and passionate".

Ameeta and Aneeta Kumar
UK Young Scientists of the Year 2014

Twins Ameeta and Aneeta excited the judges with their project on developing an early diagnostic tool for cancer. Judge and Nobel prize-winner, Sir Tim Hunt said,"They've done an amazing job, I couldn't grow a cell to save my life!"

Fred Turner
UK Young Engineer of the Year 2014

Fred built a PCR machine (DNA amplifyer) in his basement for £300 to test why his brother was ginger and why he was not! The machine usually costs more than £2,500 and his project caught the imagination of national and international media.

Emily O'Regan
UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013

Emily was crowned UK Young Scientist of the Year for her study of the breeding habits of Chilean flamingoes. Judges - including Professor Brian Cox, Rachel Riley and Nobel prize-winners Professor Ada Yonath and Sir Tim Hunt - were wowed by her work.


Jessica Jones and Wasim Miah
UK Young Engineers of the Year 2012

Jessica Jones and Wasim Miah were interviewed on BBC Breakfast two days after winning the title of UK Young Engineers of the Year 2012.