Ugly anima voting rules and eligibility

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1. The ugly animal vote is organised by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and the National Science + Engineering Competition.

2. The vote runs from 12.00am on Tuesday 27th August 2013 to 5pm, Wednesday 11th September 2013.

3. Voting in the election is free and is open to residents of planet Earth. The voting platform (YouTube) is only available to those aged 13 or over, but an adult can vote on behalf of someone aged under 13.

4. Voters can vote for their favourite ugly animal on by liking a film. Voters will need to have a YouTube or Google account to vote – you can register for this for free.

5. Voters can vote for more than one ugly animal by liking multiple films.

6. The animal with the most votes after 5pm, Wednesday 11th September will be selected as the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Dislikes will not count in the vote.

7. The organisers reserve the right to revise these rules and regulations at any time. Should it be necessary to do so, the organisers will make every effort to communicate any changes to interested parties as quickly as possible as possible.