Andrew tells us a bit about what he's achieved since winning some prizes in the 2010 National Science & Engineering Competition, using some of the contacts he made there:

I entered the National Science & Engineering Competition in Manchester, in the spring of 2010, and came away with a couple of disciplinary prizes in maths and physics. The skills I displayed showcasing my project were acknowledged by a recommendation to a creative science organisation called Ignition, who gave me the means to become one of a group of science ambassadors for East Midlands.

I have set up my own website:, have made a series of YouTube films and have become a science ambassador, and an engagement pioneer, developing new ways with my videos and volunteering at events (such as the Big Bang 2011, and Nottingham University's Physics Busking) in the hope I can encourage a new generation to achieve what I have achieved.

I am now based at Nottingham University, studying Physics (Msci) and currently work with and am advised by:
Ignite Future, Nottingham University Physics outreach schemes, StoryCog, British Association of Science, IOP and Science & Technology Facilities Council.

So many thanks to the National Science & Engineering Competition.