Ellie was a runner-up in the Senior Science/Maths category of the Competition. She tells us here about her expereinces in the Competition finals at the 2010 Big Bang:





"I attended the National Science & Engineering Competition, held at The Big Bang 2010 in Manchester, having submitted a project on water soluble catalysis that I had completed in the Chemistry department at Imperial College London the previous summer with a Nuffield Bursary. The Competition was an absolutely fantastic chance to showcase my work, to be involved in an incredibly exciting and dynamic event, whilst having the unique opportunity to meet so many other people my age all with one common interest in science. Although the fair itself was tiring, standing by my project stand talking to scientists, members of the public and students, the highlight for me was being selected as a finalist and having the opportunity to meet and be interviewed by a panel of five high-profile scientists. I was incredibly nervous but I was pleasantly surprised at their interest in my project and enjoyed the discussions that followed.

Being awarded the runner up in the Young Scientist of the Year (Science stream of the Senior Level competition) was an incredibly proud moment, and something I never could have imagined would happen when I submitted my application for the Competition a few months before. Not only did the prize give me the means by which to spend the summer after my A-Levels travelling all around Europe, the Competition has been the subject of many conversations and interviews and has given me confidence in my work, a huge asset when coming to university.  I have some great memories from a short but intense few days and it is an experience that I will never forget.

Having just completed the first year of my Natural Sciences degree at Jesus College Cambridge, the ability to communicate scientific facts and research has been invaluable and I am sure that this skill is one that I gained during the National Science & Engineering Competition."